Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500, Pink - Get this Deal for Only: $20

The Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 is suitable for using with your laptop whether you're at work, school, the park or out to lunch. Using 2.4GHz wireless technology, this mouse is designed to reliably connect to your desktop or laptop. With 1,000 dpi, the Microsoft Wireless Mouse is sensitive and responsive. A small USB receiver bridges the connection between your computer and the mouse, and when it's time to shut down, the receiver can be stowed in a small compartment in the mouse's underside, making it easy to keep track of. The mouse features not only a shape made to be comfortable for your hand but buttons and a scroll wheel for clicking and navigating through your documents and programs. A power indicator on the Microsoft Pink Mouse lets you know when it's time to change the battery, which can last for up to eight months at a time. The wireless connection can also give you more freedom and flexibility compared to a wired mouse.

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Price: $20